Bury in Winter, Film teaser trailer  (2022)

Vetoquinol/Drontal: Meet The Creatures of Habit  (2021)

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Narrative Voicereel
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Commercial Voicereel
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StoryTourist self guided audio walking tours  (2021)

Akedo Ultimate Arcade Warriors, Prideheart, (2021)

M&G Investments 90th Anniversary, (2021)

M&G Investments Let's Create
, (2021)

Story Tourist, Wallander, Trailer, (2020)

Storytourist, Jekyll & Hyde in game sample (2020)

E-Learning, Why do I have a Credit Score? (2018)

StoryTourist, The Blue Carbuncle,  Trailer  (2019)

Exquisite Vessel, Epitaph, produced & directed by Lucio Celomundo Poem by Celso De La Molina (2020)

Exquisite Vessel
00:00 / 05:50

A Forest Reverie, Stavros Ladikos, Shockwave Pictures, (2020)