"Kevin has a great talent for breathing life & humanity into a script, even while juggling accents or working through a dense body of text. Working with him is always a distinct pleasure. The recording sessions are frictionless and fun, the quality of audio is always very high and you get the performance you are hoping for and more.”    

                    Andreas Jansson,

            Co Founder, StoryTourist

"While Kevin is a true professional he is also a delight to work with...he brings his own twist & life to the work & becomes a true partner rather than a supplier. His psychology background & deep understanding of people means he sees beyond the script & often adds something that makes a real impact...Kevin is my go-to VO professional & I will absolutely be using his skills in future productions."

                                 Justin Collinge, Director, Leadability

"I've had the pleasure of working with Kevin a few times now and the natural character in his voice hits the spot.  Always a professional, considered approach but fun too.  Thanks Kevin."   

                    Guy Michaels, Director, Voiceover Kickstart Ltd

"Kevin is a professional who I can rely on. He combines humour with professionalism for great results." 

                                 Stavros Ladikos, Film Director, Cinematic Cut